In their process to go fully global, with a little help from our design we helped Dubai based ARTSPACE Gallery transform into what it is today, TABARI ARTSPACE.

This prominent Chinese brand needed a brand image to go hand in hand with the companies values of luxury and excellence. We designed their overall brand image and marketing collateral.

Alvaro Pena, worked side by side with the HIP AND BONE china team to develop a new concept that would attract passers, to come inside the store. The concept was to place a light tunnel inside the store itself. Even though this posed to be a risky endeavour as it would minimize the available square footage for retail racks, the tunnel has been so successful that the current Shanghai store is the highest growing store in all the mall after the Apple store.

The Montreal Globe developed an INFLUENCER MARKETING campaign for HIP AND BONE where we identified key influencers in social media that shared the same target audience as HIP AND BONE, and developed promotion plans with them. In this program, we would send them regular garments in exchange for a social media posts and tags. This resulted in a drastic increase in our social following as by doing this, we were exposing new audiences to the brand. Additionally it also created great content four the brand’s social media channels. Photography: Steven Bustrin, Jayson Cunha, Justin Robinson

Catalogues, digital art, flyers, postcards, members cards, you name it!
Designed by Alvaro Pena.

I am very proud to announce my first ever “Grafika – Grand Prix” in recognition for developing KILLMAG. It is a true honour to receive this award, which recognizes excellence in Quebec Graphic Design.

This award is a result of the exceptional talent and hard work that is put on at The Montreal Globe (my company) every day.

Guerilla Advertising campaign for the Montreal based brand, HIP AND BONE.

Fashion’s Night Out – NYC, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week 2010

Concept + Direction: Alvaro Pena

Costume Design: Natalia Baquero, Alvaro Pena

This video was made to promote the launch of the private blog for Montreal based clothing brand,


Direction: Alvaro Pena

Costume Design: Alvaro Pena, Natalia Baquero

Production: Conifere Video

The following are samples of the S/S 2011 collection, of Montreal based brand, HIP AND BONE.

Creative Direction: Alvaro Pena

Design: Tim Barnard, Sebastien Catoire